Three More of Rarotonga’s Top Natural Wonders

September 6, 2019

Here are three additional natural wonders on Rarotonga.

Not that these are the only ones, the wonder of Rarotonga and the Cook Islands is the large number of Natural Wonders they have! 

5.) Black Rock: A spot that offers something a little bit different is Black Rock. The well-known location is a collection of volcanic black rocks that rise from the sands at the end of “Nikao Social Center”. Yes, that is the name of the beach! The black rocks are so picturesque many have chosen to take their wedding or renewal photos on and around them. Unique and prominent, the basalt rock formations hold considerable cultural significance, as according to mythology, this is the place for spirits departing the island. I think the rock in the water looks like a beached whale…what do you think? Also, an excellent snorkeling location!

6.) Avana Point: Avana Point is another area of cultural significance to the Cook Islanders. History dictates that after traveling from Hawaii, navigating by the stars to arrive at Rarotonga, seven full canoes then set off and found a new home in New Zealand. Located on the eastern side of the island, you will find a memorial site with 7-rocks representing each of the canoes and the brave sailors that departed these islands towards their new homes. This site represents the important connection between the Cook Islanders and the New Zealand Maori culture. This area of the coastline is in stark contrast to the calm beaches on the rest of Rarotonga, with its rugged coastline and reef close to the shore. It is best to take a tour with this location on its itinerary, as all the markers and information at the site are in Maori. It is a very special and beautiful place.

7.) Raemaru: While Rarotonga and Aitutaki are sister islands in the Cook Islands, there is also a fierce rivalry between their people. According to local legends, the proud people of Aitutaki grew envious of Raemaru’s tall peak so set out to steal it for their own. Arriving before dawn, they managed to chot the peak off the mountain. In their haste to depart, they dropped parts on the shoreline (the above referred to as Black Rock). Not only were pieces left there, but they were also dropped on the shoreline of Aitutaki, at the present spot of Pacific Resort Aitutaki Nui. The end result was Raemaru having a famously flat top and Aitutaki gaining a hill – Maunga Pa. Raemaru offers a more gentle trek than the cross-island walk, taking only thirty to forty-five minutes, and is suitable for all ages until the steep rock face at the very end, which is a bit of an exciting climb! 

 Rarotonga has so many sites to see, beaches to enjoy, and snorkeling. You can even relax!

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