For the LOVE of Trains!

May 26, 2017

Do you love trains? I do! I have ridden them in Europe, Canada, the US, and Australia! Australia has some of the best train experiences in the world. As Australia is a bit bigger landmass than the continental US, taking the train is a great way to see this country and meet its people. Australians use the trains to explore their own country so hop on and let’s see this great continent! There are a number of trains and I thought I would begin with The Ghan!

Don’t I look dapper? 🙂

The Ghan runs right up pretty much the middle of Australia from Adelaide, South Australia to Darwin, Northern Territory, or vice versa. Three nights and four days via Katherine and Alice Springs, one way, 2,979 kilometers (about 1851 miles) coast to coast, through the fiery red center of Australia! You can break up the trip should you wish or just do a portion of the trip. My recommendation is to do the whole trip to gain experience. While you are at it, do the all-inclusive pricing in either the Platinum or Gold cabins. It allows you to relax more!  Enjoy the pampering!

Make sure you visit Alice Springs, made famous in the movie, “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and Katherine (don’t miss Katherine Gorge.  

In both locations, you experience the true Outback of Australia and the Original Peoples of this vast country.

Even better is getting to meet your fellow travelers both on the train and off! They come from all over Australia and the World. The food is amazing, it is all freshly prepared in the small galley (kitchen) of the train and fresh! The wines are as good as the food. Most of you know that I am a great fan of a myriad of Australian wines.

The cabins are very comfortable with large picture windows to view the passing Australian center.

Trains embody leisure. This allows you to contemplate the land and people you are experiencing. These are experiences you take back home and keep as treasures!

Will be back to you with other great rail journeys in Australia! Give me a shout if you wish to know more about trains in Australia!

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