Tis’ the Season to Dream!

November 28, 2018

Here we are just after Thanksgiving! I hope you had a great time. We are in the middle of the season of giving thanks for family, friends, and for what we have. It is also the time of the year to be so very grateful for those same things.

For me, it is also a time of dreaming. No pressure, but to dream about the year and the time ahead. Like my school teachers always said to my parents, “He is always dreaming, head in the clouds!” Fortunately, my Dad and Mum thought this was a positive sign rather than a negative! I think part of why they were ok with my dreaming was that I had good grades! Haha! I was very focused on what I wanted to do, explore, and experience. I never focused on how I was going to do each of the things…I just knew that they would come! I envisioned them, each one. One day, I set off sailing around the world. Great things happen to dreamers.

And I still dream today. So if you call and you reach my e-mail, you know why! 🙂

To the opportunities that dreaming brings, here are some visions for your dreams about and, of course, dream them to come true, which is what The Art of Travel does best! Happy Season of Possibilities in every way!

Fiji, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Rarotonga, Aitutaki are all magical islands that we dream to visit one day! Ahhh, the turquoise, warm water, the lyrical dancing, all built for the romantic trip of a lifetime! Romance is sometimes an adventure! Check out your adventure movies and then find the romantic adventure in Australia and New Zealand!

Vision #1 

Sunset is coming, you stroll along the beach with those you love, come upon a path of lit candles, and a table for just…2 (or 4, 5, 6, 0r even 7!), with a view that you envisioned in your dreams! Candles, flowers and a table set for one of your most memorable dining experiences of your life!

Sit, sip your favorite drink, and listen to the sounds of the islands as the sun sets into the Pacific!

Vision #2 

Arrive at your private yacht with the captain and chef. You board and immediately you depart for the perfect location with the blue/turquoise lagoon below you. You have an amazing dinner with all fresh ingredients made to your perfection and then…you see between the two pontoons of your catamaran a blanket has been laid out on the netting, just for you. Take a drink, lie on the blanket and gaze at the billions of stars above you while you relax in your lover’s arms. 

Vision #3 

Perhaps, for you Romance is an all-inclusive, small ship, experience. You board your ship and are quickly escorted by staff to your suite with a view! Champagne is waiting for you along with an invitation to dine with the Captain. Everything is effortless. You are the explorer now! Your only choices are when and where you wish to dine, alone in your suite or perhaps on the deck with a full moon to light up your table? It is all at your fingertips!

Vision #4 

Get your adventure hat on, your romantic partner and head to Australia for the adventure of your life. Trains go everywhere in Australia and are a true adventure not only seeing the locals but meeting them on the train! Take a camel ride or sit with aboriginal elders and hear their tails!

Sip wine in New Zealand’s and Australia’s and taste the local cheese at a vineyard! It is all available in the land “Down Under!”

Vision #5

Have you ever wanted to help and be a part of the rescue and rehabilitation of turtles, dolphins, koalas, or the most special animal to you? All over the South Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand there are locations that allow you to be a part of this magical process of healing and survival of animals. You can be a part and help our world be a better place!

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