Untouched Polynesia

August 1, 2013

Like Bora Bora, this high island is slowly entering its atoll phase, leaving white sandbanks in the middle of the lagoon. Still saved from tourism, you will not find any deluxe resorts here but traditional family pensions. Nor will you find restaurants, discos, or bars in Maupiti but only true relaxation, calm and peace like it used to be a few decades ago on most Polynesian islands. Maupiti lagoon also features amazing snorkeling and diving spots. Check the one between motu Tiapaa and Pitiahe. Don’t forget to withdraw cash before you go to Maupiti (the only bank is open only when its representative comes by), so you can enjoy the delicious dishes offered by the restaurant snack of Tarona village which also features a bar on the Tereia beach or taste fish dishes proposed by the snack “Chez Emile”. This is truly a postcard picture experience.

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