Swim with Wild Whales and Dolphins? Here’s How!

June 1, 2019

 I know many travelers have had the experience of swimming with dolphins in pens. This can be a very special experience.

But what about swimming with wild whales and dolphins in their natural world?

Now you can! 

The whales in question are the humpback whales. The humpback whale population is in Antarctic waters during the southern hemisphere’s summer. During this time they eat and breed. When the winter begins to arrive in the southern hemisphere, the humpback whales come up into the warmer waters of the South Pacific around the islands. This happens in French Polynesian, Fijian, and Tongan waters.

The humpback whales generally arrive during July and are mostly gone by the end of October. The height of the season is August and September. They come to give birth. In the warmer waters, the babies can grow the blubber so necessary to their survival in the cold Antarctic waters. The northern South Pacific waters are also protective of the little ones. 

It is best to spend at least four days in the area going out to swim with the whales as not every day will present the opportunities for the best experience. Remember you are in their world for the swim. All kinds of things can limit the visibility or the whale’s willingness to have little tadpoles around them! YOU! 🙂

It is an experience of a lifetime! Prepare early and well. I recommend planning at least a year ahead. Swimming with the whales is very popular and you want the opportunity to have the experience of a lifetime!

Enjoy the week! Kleon

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