My new Frog! Now, Travel!

January 20, 2018

No, I don’t have a frog, but isn’t the one here just so cute? I hope I did get your attention so that I can talk to you about why, now more than ever, it is time to plan your travels.

Why? It is the year that we want to have new routines and plans. It is time to turn off the TV, the phone, the Ipad, and turns to dream about where you want to go and when.

One of the best stress reducers is to dream about all the great things you wish to do. Try it! Take just 10 minutes and write down all the wonderful places you may wish to travel to.

Your mind is going to try to edit…Don’t edit on how much it is, how much time it will take, or any other reason you may not be able to do it, this is play, so just enjoy. Write all these places down. Then over the next few days, accumulate articles, pictures, and anything that relates to the places you want to go and put them in a file. THEN, get aboard and put all these pictures, quotes, and objects onto this board. Now you have a vision board just for you! You can do this for your perfect job, romantic partner, money, car, life. Whatever you wish. These boards will give you the energy to begin planning.

Travel is a big component of most people’s lives. The 8 top reasons why people like to travel are:

1.) To go somewhere they have always wanted to go.

2.) To do something different.

3.) To experience other people or to be close to family.

4.) To fly, cruise, or do a sports activity that they have not done before or cannot do often in their current location.

5.) Relax

6). Be in a new culture or speak a new language.

7.) Shop

8.) See family in another location or, now with DNA tests, see the lands from which their genetic lineage originates.

As you know my specialty is the South Pacific, New Zealand, and Australia. Why do I specialize in these locations? My passion is to experience these lands which are so beautiful and have such a deep enjoyment for life. These are safe locations to explore whether by yourself or with a family or with a group.

The Polynesians believe that the first time you arrive on their land, you are an honored guest. This is the main reason why there is no tipping in the South Pacific. The people of the South Pacific want you to visit and see their beautiful land. They would be embarrassed if you were required to tip for something they do for every guest naturally. 

The amazing thing is that if you are fortunate to return for a second time, you no longer are considered an honored guest, but a family member. You see, the Polynesians do not think you come back to their land because of the great food, or the lovely lagoons, or the over-water bungalow. They believe that you return because of the people and so you become part of their extended family.

Turn off the TV and make your lists, particularly the travel part. Create your dream board, and TRAVEL!

Enjoy the day!

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