Edge of the World! Le Sauvage! Tahiti!

September 30, 2017

There are many wonderful, out-of-the-way, and very special places to stay in the Islands of the South Pacific. I will be revealing them as we go along on our journey of discovery through the Islands of the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand!

Le Sauvage: I describe it as a 4-Star Robinson Crusoe Experience with just 5-bungalows on an island set on the reef of Rangiroa. Rangiroa is in the Tuamotu group of islands in French Polynesia. These islands are virtually all atolls, which are islands that only have the reef remaining as the volcanic island has disappeared long ago. Rangiroa is the second-largest atoll in the world and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Hotel Kia Ora is a wonderful resort on the island of Rangiroa. It sits in a perfect spot with beach bungalows, overwaters bungalows, and also privately enclosed villas with a private pool. This is a sleepy island. While quiet, travelers come to Rangiroa to dive, fish, and snorkel in its pristine and fauna-filled ocean and lagoon.

It rains less here as there is no volcanic island to collect the moisture. Rangiroa also has the only vineyard in the South Pacific islands, still checking this out but have found no others so far! The reason you come to Rangiroa is to really see the amazing colors of the lagoon and the diversity of the fish in the lagoon. Do a drift snorkel through the pass from the South Pacific ocean to the interior lagoon. Often you are greeted by the dolphins and other larger pelagic fish.

Le Sauvage is part of the Hotel Kia Ora. Le Sauvage sits about 1-hour’s boat ride from the main resort. Here you will feel as if you are at the end of the earth in Paradise! Le Sauvage has a husband and wife team that will take care of you during your stay. You will also meet the local sharks and tour the wonderful tide pools on the ocean side of the reef. While there is no diving here, there are many locations for snorkeling. Kayaks and paddleboards are available.  Ask to see the unique pink sand beach!

Each bungalow is designed and built as the Polynesians originally did, with high roof peaks all facing into the Trade Winds. Three bungalows face the lagoon and two bungalows face the ocean side of the resort. While you can hear the ocean from all over the island, my favorite bungalows are the ones that face the ocean. 

The Trade Winds are the natural A/C of the islands and of the bungalows here at Le Sauvage as there is no electricity to the bungalows. There is a generator for the refrigerators that keep the foodstuff cold in the main building and dining room. The bungalows are traditional in look and feel and comfortable. Hot and cold water is in every bungalow. There are nets over the beds. To light your world while at Le Sauvage, you will have kerosene lamps. Many times you do not need a lamp at night as here, with no electrical lights, the heavens light your way as you can see each of the billions and trillions of stars above. Truth! I have personally counted them! You will stand transfixed with the enormity of the heavens.

Ready to go! Me, too! I can watch this video over and over!

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