2019 Begin with Wonder!

January 5, 2019

Wonder…that is my word for 2019! We are in a time of great change. Ideas and inspirations are there for each of us to embrace. That, to me, is the essence of a New Year. 

Wonder goes hand in hand with travel. When you travel with a an open mind and wonder, there is no end of things to see, people and places to experience and new thoughts come to you. 

Travel opens a new world to you that you may only visit once. But for the lucky you may visit this world, land or city (town) many times, each holding new experiences. 

We bring these experiences, ideas and new found friendships home with us to kindle new lives at home. 

As George, the Cook Islander from Palmerston atoll, said to me upon departing their islands, “you have experienced us with your mind, but what has happened is that a seed has been placed in your heart. If you nurture that seed, you will know us and be compelled to come back to your islands.”

Wonder…Travel…Enjoy 2019! 

With my best wishes for a happy, healthy, and a year full of wonder,


Where do you wish to travel to in 2019? Let’s paddle together 🙂

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