Tikehau’s Ninamu Resort

April 13, 2019

Ninamu Resort on Tikehau, was originally a surfer’s resort. Now a resort for all travelers from 2010, Ninamu is a wonderful eco-lodge nestled on the Motu (islet) formerly called Tavararo. A pristine and picturesque setting, Ninamu Resort’s beautiful and charming facilities and services are perfect for those who have always dreamed of visiting a pristine atoll island in the South Pacific. Between the sky and the deep blue sea, Ninamu (meaning “blue” in Tahitian) symbolizes infinity and is a truly magical place. 

Ninamu features 7 bungalows (with just a couple of new ones on the way), all with unique architectural themes, an impressive blend of natural elements from the area, and furnishings from around the globe. These special accommodations are exceptionally private, hidden away from the lagoon ensuring a mysterious and unspoiled experience. 

Time to visit a true paradise far away from the crowds. With meals and most activities included, experience Bird Island or just grab a paddleboard and see the lagoon for yourself.

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