The “Green Flash” at sunset – How to see it in 3-easy steps

June 15, 2019

It is magical, to be looking at the sunset and all of a sudden to see a momentary flash of green. You can see the “Green Flash” on any of the islands of the South Pacific.

What is a green flash? It is the last bit of the sun’s light that you see just as it slips below the horizon at sunset. (You can also see it, but less frequently at sunrise when the first rays of the sun come above the horizon).

How do you see it: Here we go!

NOTE: Never directly look at the sun until it is at least three-quarters below the horizon. 

1.) Position yourself at a location where there is a long distant location. It is best if the horizon has a distinct edge to it. May people flying see the green flash.

2.) Be sure to avert your eyes until the last quarter of the sun is seen so you do not damage your eyes. It is said that it may be easier to see the setting sun with polarizing sunglasses on.

3.) The “Green Flash” occurs right as the last part of the sun disappears below the surface. It will last for one to two seconds. It will appear to be seen atop of the sun as it slips below the horizon.

3a.) I have found to catch the flash on camera you must be able to take multiple, continuous exposures.

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