Tahiti – Top 5 Amazing Things to Do!

August 30, 2021

 Tahiti – most people see the island of Tahiti as just a stop over location either on the way to the islands or on the way out as this is the island where the international airport is located.

If you have time or a layover, there are many things to do here!

Also, if you are staying on Moorea, it is only a quick half-hour ferry ride to Tahiti for your chance to explore!

The Top 5 Things to do in Tahiti!

1.) Les Roulottes – . These are “food vans” that line up along the waterfront around 6pm. The kitchens are in the vans and brightly colored tables and chairs are set up around each one. Thursday through Sunday nights are the busiest and have the most vans. Here you can choose from a myriad of dishes cooked fresh while you wait. It is great food, there may be entertainment, and certainly the best people watching! This is mostly a local way of dining and you are most welcome. I regularly suggest for clients that have time from arriving from the outer islands and have time before their international departure flight to head to the Roulottes.

2.) Marche’ Papeete (Papeete Market) – This is the largest market in the islands. It is busy and has everything from fruits and vegetables, to meats and fish. It also has flowers both arranged and free standing. In addition, there are oils for the skin, hand woven hats and other souvenirs. All around the market are Tahitian Pareus and Tahitian shirts, and bolts of materials for you to make your own clothing when you return home. That is all just downstairs! In the up-stairs section you will find carvings, black pearls, tattoo shops, t-shirts and other souvenirs to take with you. I try to arrive early and have a coffee and sweet at one of the cafes both in and around the market

3.) Arahurahu Marae – On the west side of the island of Tahiti sits one of the best intact marae (sacred places) in the islands. Marae were used for sacred ceremonies, ceremonies of accomplishment, and of meetings. Marae are made of stones, many times very large, of lava stone. These stones were extracted in the center of the island and brought here.

4.) Teahupo’o – The waves of Teahupo’o rival the waves of Oahu’s North Shore. In the southern part of the island, Teahupo’o is away from the hubbub of Papeete and the northern part of the islands. Surfers from all over the world come to surf Teahupo’o. The “Tahiti Pro” competition occurs from the middle of August to the beginning of September.

5.) Point Venus – This landmark area is a wonderful place to come to enjoy the beach for families and tourists alike. The main reason to come here, though, is to be at the site where Captain Cook came to track the passing of Venus, thus the name Point Venus. There is a brand new visitor’s center here.

There is so much to do and see on the island of Tahiti!

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