I Bet You Have Not Heard Of This Place…Motu Ninamu

August 12, 2017

The South Pacific in both accommodation and experiences has many options for travelers; many that have not been heard. I want to know of the locations that bring a special feeling when you arrive and have you do your snoopy dance!

Want to know one? I have spoken before of Vahine Island, on the island of Taha’a in French Polynesia. It has 9 bungalows, well here is another in French Polynesia and it has only 7 bungalows.

Ninamu is a small resort on the atoll of Tikehau in the Tuamotu island group. The Tuamotus are about an hour’s flight from Papeete, Tahiti, but boy are they different from the islands with which most of us have knowledge.  

An atoll is an island that does not have a volcanic component to it, there is only the reef that used to surround the volcanic island. The volcanic part has disappeared over centuries due to wind, rain, and the submergence of the volcanic plate. What you have left are lagoons teeming with fish, birdlife, and reef! 

You may have heard of the Tuamotu island of Rangiroa, this is a big diving location and a beautiful place to visit. Well, just a ways away are the Island of Tikehau and it has everything that Rangiroa has but fewer visitors. This may be why not many people know of Ninamu.

Ninamu has seven bungalows each created by hand with locally sourced materials. Each is unique and something that you would not have seen before except maybe in the movies. There are a variety of bungalows that accommodate families, groups of friends, couples, and solo travelers. The meals are taken family-style and are excellently prepared. 

Activities: Well you can be as active as you wish just lazing on the beach. Each day you will have an included activity. In fact, most resort activities are included.  

As the resort website says: “Most activities at Ninamu Resort are included with the price of your reservation. We stock a wide variety of gear and equipment for all types of activities including, atoll exploration, paddleboarding, kayaking, kite surfing, windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, fishing, and more!

Weather permitting, we’ll typically make one lagoon excursion by boat each day. A sample itinerary might include a morning trip to snorkel with the manta rays, followed by a visit to the local organic farm. An afternoon excursion might include fishing and snorkeling in the past, followed by a relaxing cruise back to Ninamu with cold beverages and a sunset you won’t forget. 

Of course, joining our daily excursions isn’t required. If relaxing by the lagoon on our pink sand beach, or enjoying a tropical drink while lounging in one of our private day beds sounds more your speed, we’re happy to indulge you.”

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Just a reminder, the Tuamotu Islands are known for their Trade Wind breezes that occur most of the year, not like in other parts of French Polynesia where they primarily blow from May through October. So if you like to kitesurf (or want to learn) and windsurf, well then Ninamu is a must-visit!

Ninamu does not have A/C in the bungalows, but they do have fans.

For a unique experience of the less-visited islands and the less known amazing places, Ninamu is a place to consider for your trip to the islands.

Wanting to go? Let’s begin and plan on including at least one location during your trip that is unique to your itinerary!

Enjoy the week!

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