Amazing Tree House Hideaway! Thala Beach Nature Reserve

May 4, 2019

Thala Beach Nature Reserve

There are times in travel that you come across the perfect location and tree house. Thala Beach Nature Reserve in far north Queensland is the perfect place, and when you walk out onto your deck the world is laid out for you from sea to rain forest. Just a 45 minute drive north from Cairns International Airport, Thala is a perfect place to unwind and interact with nature.

Sit on the deck of your bungalow and view the sea or the rainforest!

With nature all around you, you can observe the butterflies, birds, and animals right from the comfort of your deck, or go exploring in the sea, snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, or trek into the Daintree RainForest. 

Traveler’s Note: The Great Barrier Reef has easier access from the nearby, lovely town of Port Douglas, as this area is much closer to the Great Barrier Reef than from Cairns to the south.

Thala’s Beach

Thala is the perfect place to arrive after a long international flight. You are welcomed into Australia by the wildlife itself! Not to mention the wonderful staff at Thala. Refresh yourself and Enjoy!

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