3 Secrets to Affordable Tahiti

January 17, 2020

How do you make traveling to Tahiti affordable and get what you want?

These three steps will help you achieve it!  

#1 – Reserve your full itinerary at once not separately 

Using a travel specialist is the best way to get the best price. Specialists have access to all the specials and deals available. These include using specials that require you to use multiple hotels of the same brand or who work together in order to get better deals.

“What is he saying?” Okay, let me explain! Many of these specials are not available online.

Early Booking Special – When a hotel reservation is made and confirmed in advance. The specials are deeper the further out you make your reservation. 180 days, 120 days, and 90 days before the day of arrival. Each hotel has a different version of this special.

Stay / Pay Specials – If you stay 5-nights you pay for 4-nights or even pay for 3-nights. These are used at certain times of the year. These can also be “stacked.” If you stay 10-nights you pay for 8-nights.

Multiple Island Specials – There are some hotel chains with hotels on more than one island. There are also hotels that have one hotel but have specials with other hotels on different islands. We can then combine these hotels on two or more islands for additional specials.

There are a lot of options and your specialist knows them and can arrange them for your benefit!

#2 – Reserve your itinerary as far in advance as possible

As mentioned in #1 the earlier you make your reservation the better the available offers. Another reason to reserve as early as possible is availability. You can take advantage of a great special if your desired bungalow is not available!

Remember this: If you count all the people that travel to the islands of Tahiti in one year, as a tourist, the same number arrive in Honolulu in four days!

It is always better to book as far in advance as you possibly can.

#3 – Use a Specialist…like me…for your reservation

When using my services you have someone keeping an eye on your itinerary when you are busy with your life. Whether it be work, school, or family outings you want my services behind you on the planning side. If there is an air schedule change, you don’t have to sit on hold for hours, I am notified right when the schedule change occurs. I will find out your options and let you know what they are. You make your decision and I make the changes, while you get back to your life. Easy.

Using my services accesses the best savings for the trip you wish. Then once booked I keep an eye on the itinerary and you can enjoy the anticipation of a great trip! Easy! Kleon

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