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The Art of Travel is a boutique travel agency designing bespoke itineraries that bring your island dreams to life. We don’t just “sell” the islands from afar—we’re intimately familiar with each inlet and lagoon, every coral reef and mountain crag, and the incredible people there who’ve made our clients feel like family for the past 22 years.
Named a leading specialist in the South Pacific by trusted outlets like Conde Nast Traveler and Wendy Perrin, founder Kleon Howe returns to the region annually to discover more treasures to share with his clients. His palpable passion for the islands—coupled with his unrivaled expertise—allows him to spin pure fantasy into transformational journeys for travelers seeking the extraordinary. 

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French Polynesia—Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea, & beyond

Number of islands: 118 (across 6 archipelagos)

Miles of coastline: 1,569

Languages spoken: Tahitian, French, English—many islands have their own dialects or languages

Climate: Tropical—tempered by tradewinds

  • Dive among massive manta rays and reef sharks in the glass-clear lagoon at Bora Bora
  • Taste poisson cru—a Tahitian-style salad of fresh tuna in coconut milk—in Pape’ete
  • Wander through the daily market at Cook’s Bay, Moorea, beneath the shadow of the shark-tooth-shaped Mouraroa mountain
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The Cook Islands

Number of islands: 15

Miles of coastline: 75

Languages spoken: English, Cook Islands Maori

Climate: Tropical—tempered by tradewinds


  • Dive into the remote lagoon at Aitutaki—and perhaps bump into migrating humpback whales
  • Taste a splendid spread of fresh-caught fish and vegetables cooked in an underground oven during a traditional umukai feast on Rarotonga
  • Wander across a nearly deserted white-sand beach fringed in palm trees at One Foot Island, fulfilling a castaway fantasy
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Number of islands: 8,222

Miles of coastline: 37,118

Languages spoken: English, Aboriginal

Climate: Varies from tropical to semi-arid desert


  • Dive through one the most mesmerizing wonders on earth—the Great Barrier Reef—along Australia’s stunning Queensland coast
  • Taste smoky sausage and lamb chops cooked on the grill during a festive “barbie”
  • Wander right up to the base of hulking Uluru, a sacred site for local Aboriginal people—and one of the largest monoliths in the world
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New Zealand

Number of islands: 600

Miles of coastline: 9,404

Languages spoken: English, Maori

Climate: Varies from subtropical to temperate


  • Dive into the cool, clear waters of Whale Bay along the Tutukaka Coast—one of the country’s most astounding, and secluded, bit of coastline
  • Taste the flavors of traditional Maori cuisine during a hangi feast in Rotorua, where food is steamed for hours in an earthen pit
  • Wander to the edge of northern New Zealand at Cape Reinga, where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet at a dramatic, windswept point
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Number of islands: 333

Miles of coastline: 702

Languages spoken: Fijian, English, Hindi

Climate: Tropical


  • Dive among the vibrant, hypnotic soft coral at Rainbow Reef, Taveuni—once the bain of sailing ships
  • Taste a Fijian curry that tempers fiery spice with the sweetness of coconut milk and plantain
  • Wander between the thatched-roof huts and friendly faces at Navala Village in the Nausori Highlands as you learn more about indigenous life
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